Lights From Nowhere

The first in a trilogy of films about paranormal/anomalous phenomena made between 1997 and 2001. Tony Jackson, the subject of Lights from Nowhere, was a straight down-to-earth hard man. A beat poet from South Shields who made his name as one of Newcastle’s Morden Tower poets. A reputation for outspoken transgressive confrontations confirmed by his fronting of Assassin an early Newcastle punk combo where he made effective use of a bucket of pig blood which was always on standby. I worked with Tony in the 70’s', we did a lot of ‘theatre’. I lost touch with him then refound him in the mid ’90’s by which time he was quadriplegic with fully expressed MS, his body a stump for a noble and unbowed consciousness. A couple of years after starting to see him again he had his experiences of seeing ‘Lights’. As an atheist and natural sceptic he was shocked. After we did some research together on the subject. Tony agreed to make a film with me about this puzzle that had appeared in his life. The conditions were: don’t look back – no past stuff; no MS verbals – pictures OK – only the story: just the ‘Lights’ action camera….!

I suppose Lights from Nowhere, explores the man, Tony and the paradox that entered his life at the last: the greater his certainty that he has witnessed a Light, the more must he draw on his own inner resources to understand it.

Contributors include:

Subject: Tony Jackson

Professor Michael Barnes
Michael Bradford - Faith Healer
Gary Linten - Jungian Counsellor
Rev Neil Cockling
Dr Christopher French
Tina Ormhurst

Technical Credits:

Camera:Ken Slater
Sound:Colin Lang
Music:Gordon Sharp
Editor:Alex Cooke
Produced and Directed: Adrin Neatrour

1997, UK, SP, 26 mins.


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