Shot on S8 film, Autofreight was the second film I made and the only one to survive from my S8 format material. It was co-written with Tony Jackson, Tyneside poet. We both understood ourselves as damaged beings. Tony once told me: “You survive by playing games.” Autofreight takes this observation as its guide post, and looks at how playing games can give you control, externalising the forces that threaten to overwhelm and obliterate you. That was the idea. The original soundtrack was a cobbled together pirated version of commercial tracks. Graeme Walker composed the soundtrack and music that fills out the mental space of the film, of which a clip is shown here.

Adrin Neatrour. 1978, S8, UK, 22.50 (this clip 4:30).

This clip is an excerpt. For access to the full film, please get in touch.


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