Boxing Booth [1984, UK, 16mm, 24 mins]

Boxing Booth is the second of a trilogy of films I made about travelling British fairgrounds in the 1980's.

Making the Wall of Death I had come across Ron Taylor’s Boxing Booth on Town Moor. I knew I wanted this to be the subject of the next film. I understood that the Booth wasn’t so much about the professional performers as about the public being drawn in as performers. It seemed an inexorable logic that I couldn’t remain outside the ring. And the events in my life relationships and betrayal directed the film rather than me. Ron Taylor was a delightful and helpful showman, very happy to help me. I don't think that any of his family continued with the business after his death, and at present I don't think there are any travelling Boxing Booths. So it's all real: Boxing Booth started off as a regular documentary about the last fairground Boxing Booth, but slowly inexorably the filmmaker is absorbed into the ring not so much to confront his opponent but himself.