Lights from Nowhere

(UK) - Documentary - 27 minutes

Lights from Nowhere is the story of a quest. Tyneside poet multiple sclerosis sufferer Tony Jackson is totally paralysed from the neck down, but lives in his own home sustained by a care regime. When he says that he has seen a 'Light' shining from under his bed at night, everyone tells him he must have dreamt it. But when the 'Light' is also seen by his night nurses, Tony wants some answers! A humorous and very human film, Lights from Nowhere follows Tony as he tries to find out what's going on. As a life long trenchant and confirmed atheist, Tony has no preconceptions about what he has seen, just a willingness to listen to the people he meets. In the course of the filming, Lights from Nowhere explores the paradox met with by Tony: the greater his certainty that he really has seen a 'Light', all the more must he draw on his own inner resources to understand the experience.

Contributors include:

Tony Jackson

Professor Michael Barnes
Michael Bradford - Faith Healer
Gary Linten - Jungian Counsellor
Rev Neil Cockling
Dr Christopher French
Tina Ormhurst


Ken Slater

Colin Lang

Gordon Sharp

Picture Edit
Alex Cooke

Produced and Directed
Adrin Neatrour

Lights from Nowhere